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3, 2, 1... Are we cleared for liftoff? 🚀

This app is designed for 3 people. Teammates, Influencers, and Companies.

Teammates are users / students, workers, quarantiners etc.
Influencers are wellness leaders / trainers, nutritionists, yogis etc.
Companies are businesses / local coffee shops, investment banks, grocery stores etc.

So what is Cabana Health?
Our app syncs with your wellness activity so you can form teams aligned with your health goals, called cabanas.

It doesn't matter if you or your friends use different wearables / apps to track your mindfulness, fitness or nutrition! Here, you can come together and create or join customized cabanas, centered around synced milestones.

What are cabanas!? Think of them like virtual teams oriented around the health goals that matter to you. In each cabana, teamwork accomplishes your daily, weekly or monthly milestones - not competition. This ensures you spend more time in an accountable, supportive environment with aligned milestones, instead of wasting time on health apps centered around individualistic competition.

Here, you can join friends, family, trainers, influencers and companies accomplishing more, together! Want to know our Why? Read our published Medium article here.

Why isn't this open to the public yet?
We want to make sure we're building a sustainable app with a strong, diverse starting community. We're designed for everyone, but we need to make sure we're taking the right steps in getting there.

We're also a college startup, in every sense of the word. For that reason we need to experience bugs, issues and mistakes now to condition our team for quick adaptation, ultimately better preparing us for a wider, faster audience later.

What's next?
Once we can ensure the product is ready for most people, we'll move to a general release. We want our public app to be a cutting-edge, life-altering experience. Our team will be ready when we know that's our main feature.

With ❤️,
Tom & MacBrennan